Why Gammon?

Why Gammon?

As we stand at the dawn of the Machine Learning Era, we believe ML will be the next industrial revolution. We further believe this will lead to gains in efficiency that are currently beyond our comprehension. As this technology flourishes throughout industries and markets, Gammon is innovating at the cutting edge of its application to derivatives markets.

What We Do

Using both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, we seek to materially increase our efficiency in both alpha generation and risk management.

We innovate and lever our ML code and processes to answer sophisticated questions with actionable results in the derivatives market.

We believe this “Augmented Intelligence” gives way to deeper questions about procedure and process that lead us to innovate new ways of utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools.

As Moore’s Law continues to provide us with highly scalable processing power, new levels of analysis that were once impossible become accessible.

We will continue to operate on the cutting edge, innovating as we bring the power of Machine Learning to the liquidity of the derivatives markets.