About Us - Leadership


Michael Mescher
Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Michael Mescher heads the team at Gammon Capital which he founded in 2015. Mr. Mescher is the Chief Investment Officer of Gammon Capital’s program offerings. Over the past 15 years, he has established himself as a successful trader with extensive experience in listed derivatives.

Prior to founding Gammon Capital, he was a partner at Ronin Capital in charge of managing structured volatility strategies. His experience also includes 5 years on the sell side at Lehman/Barclays where he was the Head of Special Situations Volatility Trading.

Mr. Mescher began his derivatives trading career on the floor of the CBOE. It was there during his free time, that he began applying statistical analysis to backgammon money games with great success. It is these methods and processes that inspire the approach at Gammon Capital.

Larry Richards
Chief Technology Officer

Larry Richards is Gammon’s Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Gammon Capital, Mr. Richards was co-founder and CEO of Iota Technologies, whose intellectual property was acquired by Gammon in 2016.

With expert level proficiency in a variety programming languages, Mr. Richards’ passion is building and leading R&D teams to create innovative software systems and algorithms. He excels at teaching non-financial scientists about the intricacies of quantitative finance, but he also selects team members from whom he himself can learn. According to Mr. Richards, “With the present explosive growth in open source software, including in AI and quantitative finance, there has never been a more exciting time to be both a student and practitioner of software systems engineering.”

In addition to being the driving force behind most of Gammon’s technology portfolio, he is the creator of Vollib, an option analytics library widely used in the quantitative finance world.

Prior to adapting his skill set to derivatives, Mr. Richards spent nearly two decades in telecom infrastructure, where he played a key role launching several new waves of wireless technology throughout Asia and Europe. He has been based primarily in Japan since being awarded a full scholarship for graduate studies by the Japanese government in 1988. He is fluent in written and spoken Japanese.